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Since opening in 2000, Take Notice CPR and First Aid Training, LLC's core philosophy comes from the synergy between tradition and innovation. We are committed to using technology in simplifying and creating optimized learning environments while maintaining our organization's values.

With over 25+ years of experience in clinical medical care field, nursing, nursing administration, and CPR/ First Aid with BLS Renewal/BLS Provider, Take Notice CPR and Training, LLC will provide:

  • An individualized training scope and sequence tailored to your organization's needs.

  • Quality instructor(s) who are knowledgable and responsive to your participants' learning styles.


BOOK NOW, to experience superior professionalism, efficiency, and individualized Professional Development of your participants becoming highly skilled/ trained CPR professionals.

Odessa Rogers has been in the nursing Medical/Health field and concurrently teaching First Aid/CPR, BLS/AED courses for 25+ years.  She serves as supervisory manager for a hands-on and telephonic nursing company as a Multiple Sclerosis Certified Nurse. With her extensive nursing knowledge, she has had numerous opportunities to partner with clinical trial programs to provide support in business initiatives for writing components in business proposals. Throughout her nursing experience, Odessa was instrumental in the development, design, launch,  and management of clinical programs preparing her as Founder/Owner of Take Notice CPR and an Instructor at the American Heart Association. 

Odessa Rogers

Odessa Rogers

713 Calloway Dr.         Raleigh, NC 27610

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